Canada Worker Containment Benefit – How It Works


As Canada returns to employment before the pandemic and most provinces and territories have succeeded in curbing the uncontrollable spread of COVID-19 and its variants, the federal government begins to end programs such as the Canada Emergency Benefit).

CERB ensured that workers laid off due to forced COVID-19 shutdowns received a weekly payment of $ 500 per week.

However, the fourth wave caused by the Delta variant demonstrated that it may still be necessary to lock down certain economic sectors to contain particular outbreaks and protect the integrity of local health infrastructure.

The federal government introduced new legislation for a Canadian worker lockdown benefit to protect Canadian workers. This new benefit would provide income support to workers whose employment is interrupted by a specific public health lockdown imposed by the government.

Details of the Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefit

  • $ 300 per week.
  • Strictly available to workers whose work stoppage is a direct result of a government-imposed public health lockdown.
  • Available until May 7, 2022, with retroactive application to October 24, 2021, if the situation warrants it.
  • Accessible for the duration of a medical lockdown imposed by the government (until May 7, 2022).
  • Available to workers not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) and eligible for EI, provided they are not receiving EI benefits for the same period.

The Canada Containment Benefit for Workers will not cover loss of income or employment due to an employee’s refusal to be vaccinated.


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