Child labor policies, greenhouse gas emissions in Canada: In the news October 28


In The News is a summary of articles from The Canadian Press designed to start your day off right. Here’s what’s on our editors’ radar for the morning of October 28 … What we’re watching in Canada …

In The News is a summary of articles from The Canadian Press designed to start your day off right. Here’s what’s on our editors’ radar for the morning of October 28 …

What we watch in Canada …

A new report recommends ways for Ottawa to work with suppliers to avoid complicity in human trafficking, forced labor and child labor, after finding that the vast majority of suppliers selling billions of dollars in goods to the government did not have adequate policies to prevent risks to human and labor rights. in their supply chains.

The report was completed for the federal government in May by Rights Lab, a knowledgeable multidisciplinary group on human trafficking based at the University of Nottingham in England.

The Canadian Press used the Access to Information Act to obtain a public copy – along with a classified and heavily censored version – and an internal briefing note summarizing the government’s planned response.

The report says Canada is taking a leadership position in exposing its purchases to this scrutiny, an important and necessary first step.

Since receiving the findings, the government has updated its procurement code of conduct to incorporate human and labor rights expectations for suppliers and their contractors.

Also this …

New analysis suggests the liberal climate plan could meet Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions targets for the first time before the end of this decade.

The Clean Prosperity study could give weight to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s credentials ahead of the climate talks scheduled for the upcoming G20 summit and UN COP 26.

Trudeau is boarding a plane to Europe this morning to attend the summits, though his first stop on the six-day trip is an official visit to the Netherlands.

Clean Prosperity Analysis Says All of Trudeau’s Recent Climate Policies Could Reduce Canada’s Emissions 41% Below What They Were In 2005, By 2030 – Just Within Range Of The New 40-45 Target % that he set himself last spring.

Canada’s climate credibility has been questioned after the increase in emissions following Trudeau’s signing of the Paris agreement in 2015.

The climate will also be part of the G20 talks in Rome, but the COVID-19 pandemic will be the main focus there.

What we watch in the United States …

SANTA FE, NM – Investigators say there was “some complacency” in the way guns were handled on a film set where Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a director of photography and injured another.

They also said it was too early to determine whether charges would be laid.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza noted that 500 rounds of ammunition were found during the search of the entire Western “Rust”. They consisted of a mixture of blanks, dummy bullets and suspected live bullets.

“Obviously, I think the industry recently had a safety record. I think there was some complacency on this set, and I think there are safety issues that need to be addressed by the industry and maybe the state of New Mexico, ”said Mendoza at a press conference nearly a week after filming.

Authorities also confirmed that there was no footage of the shooting, which occurred during a rehearsal. Investigators believe Baldwin’s gun fired a single live bullet that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Detectives recovered a lead projectile they believe the actor fired last week. Tests are underway to confirm whether the projectile fired from Souza’s shoulder was fired from the same long Colt revolver used by Baldwin. The FBI will help with the ballistics analysis.

Two other firearms were seized, including a single-action revolver that may have been modified and a plastic pistol that has been described as a revolver, officials said.

Rust Movie Productions, the production company, said it is cooperating with authorities and carrying out its own internal review of the proceedings with the shutdown.

What we watch in the rest of the world …

WELLINGTON, New Zealand _ New Zealand officials said Thursday they will gradually ease their border quarantine requirements, which have been among the strictest in the world throughout the pandemic.

But while the changes will make it easier for New Zealanders stranded abroad to return home, authorities have given no date for the return of tourists. This change is probably still months away.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said that from next month most people arriving in New Zealand are expected to spend seven days in a military-run quarantine hotel, half of the previous requirement, while some newcomers from low-risk Pacific island countries might skip quarantine altogether and self-isolate at home.

He said the new rules were an intermediate step before broader reopening measures that would be phased in once more than 90% of New Zealanders aged 12 and over are fully immunized. So far, 72 percent of eligible people have received both injections.

The change follows a growing outcry from New Zealanders who have tried to return home but have been unable to secure places in the quarantine system. Some have resorted to legal action.

“ I recognize that there is a lot of pressure there. My message to people who wish to return to New Zealand is this: There is not very long to wait now, “said Hipkins.” And encouraging their fellow New Zealanders to be fully immunized will help us achieve that. point faster. ”

Hipkins said he expected most newcomers to be able to isolate themselves in their homes by the first quarter of next year. He said the first priority was New Zealanders and those with valid visas.

“Tourists are more of a challenge, as they don’t necessarily have a place to isolate themselves when they arrive,” Hipkins said. “But we’re going to work our way through it all. ”

On this day in 1991 …

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has withdrawn his name from his candidacy for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations.

In entertainment …

SAN FRANCISCO – The California Supreme Court has refused to consider Brad Pitt’s appeal against a court ruling that disqualified the judge in his custody battle for Angelina Jolie.

The court on Wednesday dismissed a review of a June appeals court ruling that the private judge hearing the case should be disqualified for failing to sufficiently disclose his business relationship with Pitt’s lawyers.

The judge has already ruled that Pitt and Jolie had divorced, but he separated the question of custody of their five minor children. Jolie and Pitt tied the knot in 2014. Jolie asked to dissolve the marriage two years later.

The state Supreme Court ruling means that the fight for the couple’s five minor children – which was drawing to a close – was just beginning.

Emails seeking comment from lawyers for Pitt and Jolie were not immediately returned.

Jolie, 46, and Pitt, 57, have been among Hollywood’s hottest couples for 12 years. A former Los Angeles County Superior Court judge John Ouderkirk officiated at their marriage in 2014 and then was hired to oversee their divorce when Jolie filed for dissolution of the marriage in 2016.

He ruled the couple divorced in 2019, but separated the custody issues.


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla .– Four years after the “Greatest Show on Earth” closed, officials plan to bring the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, but the animals will no longer feature in their shows.

A spokesperson for Florida-based Feld Entertainment said an announcement is expected next year.

The three-track circus closed in May 2017 after a 146-year race.

Costly court battles with animal rights activists led circus officials to end elephant acts in 2016. Without elephants, ticket sales declined.

Officials also blamed the rising costs of railroads and the rise of online games and videos, which made the “greatest spectacle on earth” less beautiful.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who were behind many of the protests, said they were thrilled with the concept of a circus without animal acts.

“The exciting announcement sends a powerful message to the entire industry, something PETA has been saying for decades: cruelty has no place in the circus or any other form of entertainment,” said the organization at the Herald-Tribune.

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