First Nations comfort food on the menu at Brandon’s new restaurant


New Brandon Restaurant Gears Up To Introduce Towns To Southwestern Manitoba To First Nations Comfort Food.

Bannock tacos and pizzas will be just a few of the menu items when Three Sisters Bannock House opens on Rosser Avenue in the New Year.

Co-owner Darian Kennedy says cooking has been a lifelong passion for him.

But her love of serving bannock-inspired recipes really began during the pandemic, with the launch of the Indigenous Eats food truck at the Brandon Friendship Center.

This is actually where Kennedy met his current co-owners and came up with the name of their restaurant.

“When we were in the heat of the moment or in the lunch or dinner rush, we’d be like, ‘Hey, can you pass the three sisters? “” – a term they used to refer to baking powder, salt and sugar, he said.

“It was a code for us: to pass the ingredients of the banique.”

The term is also often used in some First Nations cultures to refer to a combination of beans, corn and squash – an overlap that Kennedy relishes.

“We are always looking to collaborate and we are always looking to embrace and appreciate other indigenous cultures on Turtle Island,” he said.

Kennedy said he sees Three Sisters as more than just a restaurant.

He wants it to be a place where people can come together and share in different cultures. That’s part of the reason they’re moving to downtown Brandon.

“The location of the restaurant was inspired by the need to help facilitate reconciliation, and I think the revival of downtown Brandon would be a great place to try to achieve that,” he said. .

“I think it will definitely not just be a dining experience, but a cultural experience. That’s what we hope for.”

And based on the overwhelmingly positive reception the restaurant has already received online – including hundreds of followers on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook – Kennedy said he and his business partners were ready to open a business for a while. pandemic.

“It will certainly be a challenge, but we are up to the challenge,” he said.

Three Sisters Bannock House is scheduled to open at 908 Rosser Ave. in January.

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