Montem Resources unveils its strategy to become the leading large-scale green hydrogen producer in Canada


Montem CEO Peter Doyle said that with the acceleration of renewable energy in Alberta, Montem has a “unique opportunity” to transform Tent Mountain from a historic coal mine to an energy complex clean and renewable.

Montem Resources (ASX: MR1) has unveiled new plans to potentially become the first large-scale green hydrogen producer in Canada from its Tent Mountain project in Alberta.

Independent expert studies on the proposal have shown that the project could generate green hydrogen through the combined storage of pumped water energy (PHES) and renewable wind energy off-site.

It is estimated that the project could produce up to 13,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

Montem CEO Peter Doyle said the development of Tent Mountain as a renewable energy complex could result in “Canada’s first truly green hydrogen”.

“In addition, the PHES component of the complex will play an important role in filling the supply gaps in the Alberta electricity grid.

“There is a growing need for clean, distributable renewable energy in Alberta and the Tent Mountain PHES project is an ideal complement to Alberta’s electricity grid. “

Mr Doyle said the company began investigating an end-of-mine-life PHES system in 2019, which included a ‘high-level’ site assessment and economic analysis.

He noted that the results had been promising and that the company had applied for a federal grant to help finance the project through a feasibility stage, which is expected to take 12 to 18 months.

“The various technical, economic and social studies that we have carried out over the past six months show technical viability and strong returns over a project life of more than 50 years. “

Advancing the renewable energy strategy

Montem is currently advancing renewable energy plans at Tent Mountain and working with the Piikani Nation to assess the creation of a wind farm to provide electricity to the Tent Mountain PHES.

The two entities agreed to explore mutual benefits and work together to develop the concept and secure federal funding.

Montem also asked the Canadian Clean Fuels Program for C $ 5 million to help fund the feasibility study.

In a recent study, Entura Hydro Tasmania found that Montem could use existing water reservoirs for the PHES facility at historic Tent Mountain coal mines.

The study indicated an energy storage potential for the project of 2,560 MWh.

This would provide enough storage power to generate 30 MW for eight continuous hours, which could power around 200,000 homes overnight.

Mr. Doyle pointed out that Tent Mountain is less than 10 km from the Alberta power grid and has excellent existing infrastructure to support development.

It is adjacent to rail and gas pipelines and has plenty of space to develop the green hydrogen plant that would operate from its proposed wind farm.

GHD has defined the development path through the feasibility stage, a pilot plant and commercial production.

Strong investor and policy support

Green hydrogen is an emerging source of renewable energy that has attracted support from both investors and governments.

Combined with the uncertainty over fossil fuel projects and carbon dioxide tax regimes in Alberta, Doyle said utilities are turning to renewables to deliver more electricity to the grid. region.

“The dependence of wind and solar energy on weather conditions makes both energy sources inherently intermittent and makes them highly dependent on large-scale energy storage (batteries),” he said.

“The most cost-effective form of this large-scale energy storage is PHES, which can deliver renewable energy on demand and provide the required stability to Alberta’s electricity grid. “

“Lithium-ion batteries provide short-term storage, but there is a shortage of equipment in long-term storage, which is the sweet spot for pumped hydropower. “

Mr. Doyle added that as the transition to renewables accelerated in Alberta, Montem had a “unique opportunity” to transform Tent Mountain from an idle coal mine to a clean renewable energy complex.


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