Premier and Premier of British Columbia Announce New Committee to Address Extreme Weather Events and Climate Resilience in the Province


VICTORIA, BC, November 26, 2021 / CNW / – Across British Columbia and other parts of the country, floods, landslides, wildfires and extreme weather are affecting the lives and livelihoods of thousands of Canadians. Climate change is a real and serious threat to our communities and our country, and we must take strong action together to protect Canadians and build a better, cleaner future for all.

The Prime Minister, Justin trudeau, and the Prime Minister of British Columbia, John Horgan, today announced a committee of federal and provincial ministers who will work together and with Indigenous leaders to guide immediate and ongoing support for British Columbia families, businesses and communities affected by extreme weather events.

The new committee will ensure that the people of British Columbia, including those in remote and Indigenous communities, have the immediate support and resources they need to deal with this difficult situation. It will also collaborate in recovery and reconstruction efforts, in particular by providing support to the sectors most affected by the crisis. The committee will work to recover from these extreme weather events in a way that better protects British Columbians from future climate events, creates cleaner and healthier communities, and supports from Canada efforts to meet our climate goals and net zero emissions targets.

The Prime Minister and the Prime Minister also announced that the governments of Canada and British Columbia will match every dollar donated to the Canadian Red Cross’ Call for flooding and extreme weather in British Columbia, which means that each $ 1 given will become $ 3 to support those affected by the floods. The two governments will match donations from individuals and businesses for a period of 30 days starting today, November 26, 2021, and retroactively for donations received since November 17, 2021at the start of the campaign.

Donated funds will support the range of emergency services that the Canadian Red Cross provides to people in need, which could include providing camp beds, blankets and clean-up kits to communities, at the request of local authorities. or government. In addition, the funds donated will allow the Canadian Red Cross to continue supporting the evacuees as they begin to recover in the days, weeks and months to come.

The government of Canada and the province of British Columbia, along with Indigenous partners, will continue to work together to help British Columbians navigate this crisis and rebuild. Only by taking strong and bold climate action can we better mitigate the impacts of extreme weather conditions, protect the health and safety of Canadians, and build a healthier, cleaner future for all.

“All Canadians stand in solidarity with the people of British Columbia as they continue to face the impacts of recent floods, landslides and extreme weather conditions. In collaboration with the Province of British Columbia, we will continue to take immediate action to help all in need, and we will support communities and families as they rebuild after destruction. Climate action cannot wait, and the federal government has pledged to be bolder and act faster in the fight against climate change. “
The right Hon. Justin trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“The people of British Columbia are grateful for the support we have received from across the country, including the federal government. As more extreme weather conditions arise, we will continue to stand together and support all in need. By matching donations to the Canadian Red Cross, every dollar donated will be tripled. We will work closely with the federal government and the Canadian Red Cross to ensure your donations help those who need them most. “
The deputy. John Horgan, prime minister of British Columbia

Fast facts

  • The new committee will build on the Federal-Provincial Supply Chain Restoration Task Force, which was announced on 20 November 2021.
  • The co-chairs of the new committee are:
    • The deputy. Bill Blair, President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and Minister of Civil Protection
    • The deputy. Mike Farnworth, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of British Columbia
  • The remaining members of the new committee will be confirmed in the near future.
  • The Canadian Red Cross is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world and is ready to help people and communities before, during and after a disaster. The Canadian Red Cross contributes to relief and recovery efforts in response to emergencies in Canada, including forest fires from 2021 to British Columbia and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Canadians who wish to make a financial donation to the Canadian Red Cross to help those affected by flooding in British Columbia can do it online at, by calling 1-800-418-1111 or texting BCFLOODS at 30333.

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