The highly anticipated modern Peruvian restaurant ‘Suyo’ will open in Mount Pleasant on August 25


After months of anticipation, modern Peruvian restaurant, wine and cocktail bar Suyo will open in Mount Pleasant on Thursday August 25 and reservation books are now open on

Led by leader/partner Ricardo Valverde, who named the restaurant after an indigenous South American word meaning “homeland”, Suyo honors Valverde’s family heritage and birthplace. After moving to Canada from Peru at the age of 18, he was quickly drawn to the world of fine dining and went on to work in some of Vancouver’s best kitchens: Blue Water Cafe, Cin Cin and Ancora . Rounding out the all-star Suyo squad, Valverde is joined by an industry veteran James Reynolds as general manager (La Buca, Blue Water Cafe, La Regalade), award-winning bar manager Max Curzon-Award (Botanist, Clarendon Cocktail Cellar UK); and tech entrepreneur Felix Ng as director of operations. Together, these four have cultivated a menu and ambiance that make this an experience like no other in Canada.

To enter the 49-seat restaurant on 3475 Main Street (formerly the home of Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘n’ Chew) is to be transported to a modern South American oasis with lush jungle, natural wood details and a gold bar evoking the importance of gold in the world. inca history. The elegant main hall is complemented by a private 20-seat “Salle Nazca” tucked away in the back; it features illustrations inspired by the Nazca Lines in Peru, a group of pre-Inca geoglyphs carved into the desert sands. The entire space was designed by Evoke International Design, and both rooms can be booked for private events.

When crafting the menu, Valverde paid homage to classic Peruvian dishes while highlighting the many global influences of Peruvian cuisine, including Sino-Peruvian, also known as Chifa; Japanese-Peruvian, also known as Nikkei; as well as Italian and Spanish. It’s a menu well suited to a table of sharing plates to feast on, and diners can expect to see familiar South American ingredients (quinoa, dulce de leche) along with lesser-known ones (aji hot peppers, lucuma fruits), as well as a touch of the unexpected (crispy nori, quail eggs), all complemented by the highest quality products, choice cuts of meat and seafood from sources durable. In an important step towards reducing waste, the culinary team reuses kitchen scraps wherever possible, reincorporating them as ingredients in syrup infusions, toppings, and more.

As for the dishes themselves, modern Peruvian shows up in bold flavors and textures, with the menu led by, but not limited to, a range of seafood offerings. Highlights include Nikkei Tartar with rainbow trout, crispy nori, cucumber, avocado and Aji Amarillo pepper; Aji of Gallina Ravioli (a version of Peruvian Creamy Chicken Stew) with parsley oil, Grana Padano, cashews and black truffle; Short Rib Seco with white beans, chicory, chicha de jora and modern salsaCreole; Sudado de Pescado and more; as well as a selection of fresh ceviches.

Meatless options include Summer squash tiradito with charred tomato, quinoa pop, corn leche de tigre; Ensalada Rusacomposed of avocado, beets, baby carrots, green beans and smoked aioli and a Cauliflower Steak served with quinoa tabbouleh, chickpeas seed, chimichurri and charred carrot. Finally, a selection of desserts includes the King Kongmade with pineapple compote, sable and whipped dulce de leche, and the Chocolate Tres Leches garnished with strawberries and whipped and caramelized honey.

To sip, there is (naturally) an excellent sour pisco on the menu – indeed, pisco lovers will appreciate that the bar offers all eight varieties of spirits – as well as a selection of cocktails inspired by elements common to five geographical regions of Peru: The heart of civilization; the Amazon forest ; the Andean mountains; Pacific tides; and the coastal desert.

Located at 3475 Main Street, Suyo will be open for dinner starting August 25 at the times below, and will open soon for lunch and brunch. Reservations can be booked now at

  • Tuesday – Thursday: Dinner from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Cocktail bar until 12 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: Dinner from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Cocktail bar until 1am

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