Vancouver named 2nd brunch hotspot in Canada


We certainly devote a lot of time, money and stomach space to the indulgent weekend meal.

If there’s one thing Vancouverites love to do, it’s line up. And one thing we always seem to be in line for is brunch.

So it’s no wonder that a UK-based website has come to the conclusion that Vancouver is Canada’s second brunch hotspot – although, of course, many of us wonder why we we are not at the top, given the time, money and gastric space we devote to the meal.

The global ‘study’ is from the site and uses ‘TripAdvisor data for the number of brunch locations and the number of great reviews, as well as the demand for brunch locations in each city.’ Basically, this means that the rankings are likely influenced by the experience of non-locals since TripAdvisor is aimed at travelers.

According to the calculations of the “study”, the United States and the United Kingdom are the two highest ranked nations; England surely breathes a sigh of relief, as it is an Englishman who is credited with “inventing” brunch, especially the concept that weekend-weary people would benefit from having a larger and more hybrid meal. later for breakfast, hence the “brunch”.

It is not clear from the tables they sent out exactly where Vancouver ranks in the world, but we do know that Montreal is the first Canadian city to make the list, ranked eighth.

Vancouver is “the second best place for brunch in Canada”. This honor was determined based on the following: 18.76% of all restaurants in Vancouver offer a brunch option, and they have an average rating of 4.14 on TripAdvisor, of which 37,309 are “excellent”, or almost half (49.96%) of all reviews in total. . “

Canadian cities ranked for popularity of brunch, according to a new UK-based study. Graphic courtesy of

However, in Canada, it is in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa that brunch has seen the greatest increase in “demand”. (Or, as “Study” says, “Ottowa.” Whoopsies!)

A growing trend in brunch is “bottomless brunch,” which is another way of saying “whatever you can eat”.

“In the past five years, nearly two million articles have been written about bottomless brunch, and in June 2021 the term hit its maximum number of searches – and it continues to grow,” the new study notes. on brunch.

In Vancouver, the trend hasn’t quite caught on, although there is one top restaurant offering “bottomless” or AYCE brunch, namely the ARC Restaurant at the Fairmont Waterfront. On weekends, for $ 49 per person, diners can enjoy unlimited tasting platters from a variety of options such as cork waffles with seasonal fruit, Benedict salmon, jerk fried chicken on a cake. funnel, breakfast tacos and beef poutine. The ARC began offering its “Bottomless Brunch” in October 2020.

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