Wyndham creates mobile tipping option for US and Canadian franchisees


Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has launched a new mobile tipping option for its franchisees in the United States and Canada, allowing guests to tip hotel team members using their mobile devices.

The new platform is available on all Wyndham brands in the United States and Canada. Once a hotel has signed up for the program, guests will be able to scan a team member-specific QR code with their mobile devices and choose the amount they wish to donate to that member. Tips are then deposited to team members through direct deposit or payroll.


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Users can tip via Apple Pay, credit card, and Google Pay. Clients pay a small transaction fee.

The mobile tipping platform will make it easier for customers to tip specific team members with a cashless and contactless option.

“The pandemic has dramatically accelerated guest demand for digital payment solutions and this trend will only continue for years to come,” said Scott Strickland, Chief Information Officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. “Having already enabled our franchisees to accept contactless digital payment for stays at their hotels, the logical next step was to find a solution that would allow guests to recognize housekeepers, waiters and other hotel staff. frontline team the same way. This platform does just that and virtually no cost to franchisees.”

“The beauty of this solution is its simplicity and the ease with which our franchisees enable their customers to switch from cash to digital,” Strickland continued. “There’s no app to download or software to install. It’s completely online. which means as long as customers have a phone and an internet connection, they can tip and show their appreciation.”

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